Friday, April 26, 2013

Alright Genealogy friends let me tell you what an amazing website Find A Grave is.  Anytime I'm looking for dead ancestors I always hit up this site.  It's a pretty great find and I've decided to help out those on their looking for graves of family members.  The basic concept of the website is that you can search for virtual memorial pages of people that have their death information & possibly pictures.  Here's an example of one I just finished entering today William K Larson.  This is my grandmother's brother Bill.  The great part about this site is it's pretty quick and easy to use.  I'm currently just starting the long overdue process of adding all of the headstone I have pictures of.  The really great thing about this site is that you have the potential to find photos of headstones you might otherwise never get to see.  I've got some distant ancestors that have died in abstract places that I will probably never get to, but from Find A Grave I have their headstones.  The other neat part about the Find A Grave memorial pages is that many times the person who adds the memorial links that deceased person to other memorials of people they are related to, whether it be spouse or parents.  One thing I also recently discovered is that there is literally an army of Genealogy buffs and cemetery lovers and other people out there who are willing to go get a picture for you!  If there is already a memorial page, but no headstone picture you can click the button that says request a picture and it will send out emails to the volunteers in the area and you very well could get a photo in as little as 24 hours.  The other cool thing is if you know when and where the person died, as well as where they are buried you can create your own memorial page and the same thing applies; just click the request picture button.  There are even some people out there who are literally cataloging whole cemeteries!  I have to give major props to the people who came up with this site and all of the volunteers, because this site is seriously awesome.