Sunday, May 6, 2012

writing letters & DNA

Hello all!  Sorry for the gap in posts but I've been in the process of giving my room a bit of a face lift with some new paint and new furniture so needless to say my genealogy research had to be put on hold for a bit.  I've been muscling through trying to find the 1940 census for everyone in my family and I hit a bit of a snag on one of my branches.  My paternal grandfather's mother's family, the Opalinskis, have been a bit of a pain in my butt when it comes to research.  My great grandmother's brother and sister have been very allusive and hard to find in any records due to their parents dying so young.  I've been in touch with children from both of those families and have recently yielded some interesting information.  Bob Ryan is my grandfather's cousin, and is the son of Lillian and Patrick Ryan; or so I thought.  Upon trying to find him at 10 years old in the 1940 census I realized I have no 1930 census.  When I tried to find the 1930 census and came up dry I wrote Bob a letter detailing all the information I was missing and asked him for some help.

What came back in the mail was pretty interesting.  He told me that he was born in 1930, which I knew; and that his father's name was Robert Wallace Smith.  On top of that he also informed me that his original name had been Robert Wallace Smith Jr.  His parents Lillian & Robert divorced when he was very small and Lillian remarried Patrick Ryan in 1935.  So now I have even more of a mystery on my hands.  I'm going to be spending the rest of the morning looking for Lillian & Robert Wallace Smith in the 1930 census and then Lillian, Patrick & Bob in the 1940 census.  Here's to hoping I find something!

On a side note, I have been watching the webpage for information about their DNA program and I finally got an email from them about 2 days ago.  They are offering this program to subscribers for only $99.  They'll send you a DNA kit where you just need saliva and then you send it back to them and they will help you trace your family roots.  I'm not very good at explaining how the program works so if you want some more information check out their website.  Ancestry DNA

Happy searching everyone!!