Thursday, December 22, 2011

eerie family connections

With Christmas coming up I figured I'd make a stop at one of the last cemeteries on my list at the moment for the Meeks family.  My mother's cousin Cindy died from Cancer in 1981 when they were 19 years old.  She was the only daughter of my great aunt & uncle and they just haven't really been the same since.  I never knew Cindy since she died about 6.5 years before I was born.  Luckily she's buried close by, in a very nice mausoleum.

Now here is where the connection gets eerie.  My mom and her cousin Cindy were very close, they were only 4 months apart.  Now Cindy dies in 1981, my parents marry in 1984 and I arrive on July 19, 1987 . . . Cindy's birthday.  Now you might be saying to yourself, what's so weird about that.  Well here it comes.  Apparently one of Cindy's cancer nurses was my mother's delivery nurse.  Straaaaange.  Now at least it doesn't get any eerier than that, though I'm not sure how it could possible get eerier; unless I looked just like her (which I don't . . . . I don't think).

Well that's all for tonight.  It's time for me to work on some more last minute research before the family is here  on Sunday to celebrate Christmas.  Happy Holidays!! See you all in the new year!